Satisfied Clients


I got a choice location but problem was thatI thought it was too small for me have my family house on it. Because of this the plot was left undeveloped for years, and I continued to be a tennant. When I came across zero1logistics online, i took advantage of their free consultation. They looked at the plot and told me it was possible to achieve my dream home on the same plot . The rest they say is history. Today I have a complete duplex on a less than a plot of land in Mbanno, Imo State, Nigeria. Their simple approach to design saved me a lot of money and time.
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Mr Ikejiaku B.O.
Zero1logistics has been my family Architect for years. From my Father to my elder brother and myself. They have simply won the hearts of my family because they deliver and they have an excellent approach to work.
Akinwale O.
I have watched zero1logistics evolve with the developing technological trends. They are always thinking about the future.
Marco U.
My business with zero1logistics is just a good business story to emulate. They are honest and punctual. They are not like ordinary builders, they are theoretical as well as practical. Their solutions are timeless.
Ms. Shantel K.
Talk of excellence, zero1logistics gives it to you without you breaking the bank for it. I just love their style. They are in love with what they do.
Neneh S.E.